Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love It or Leave It: Vol 2 - Fortune Cookies & A New Adventure

We wandered up and down the aisles at Lowe's to pick up a few home improvement items... I bribed Jeremy to go with me with the promise of a new Dremel and lunch at Ming Shee. It took us a good 18 months to find chinese food in Peoria that we liked, so since we found out we're relocating to Greenville, SC for work, we've been at least 3 times... We love their fried's tastetacular and we highly recommend it. I thought about branching out and trying the Egg Foo Young that time, but not being entirely sure what's in it, I opted for my normal sweet and sour chicken.

I'm pretty sure time is has passed logarithmically since the day I bribed Jeremy with the Dremel! We've been house hunting, birthday celebrating (Happy B-day Da & Uncle Jerry), wedding attending (yay Joe + Stacie!!), and good-bye saying... check out a few pics of our favorite moments (and Stacie's fantastic centerpieces)...

I admit I cried when we first moved to Peoria ... but it has grown over the past few years to a place that has become home. We will miss all you our good friends here and our wonderful church family and H2H at Bethany ... but of course we'll be in touch with such wonderful inventions as social networking so let's not call it good-bye but a new adventure :).

Ming Shee Chinese Restaurant in Peoria
Wonderful friends at Bethany Baptist Church in Peoria, IL
Da & Uncle Jerry (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)

Preparing to show your home on a moments notice - actually, maybe this should go in the love it category since we've never made our bed this many days in a row...we can probably put that in the victory column.
Saying good-bye

Da & Uncle Jerry's Birthday Lunch ..... Yumm BBQ

Yay - a new pic of Jeremy & me - Thx Dad!

My fam @ the wedding