Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday was Kelly Manno's St. Louis Shot Party (which I highly highly highly recommend to any current or aspiring photographers)! To be honest - I was so nervous (and excited) about going - particularly about the fact that we would be shooting... I couldn't do that - shoot next to real professional photographers!! What would they think of me?? But it was great! The whole thing...from the inspiring Jasmine Star - top 10 America's Wedding photographers - to the encouragement of others just beginning as well. Thank you so much Kelly for putting it all together, you did a fabulous job. I feel so inspired.

Also, new website coming ... whenever it is I figure out how to do that. Stay in touch!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

If you seek a pleasant peninsula ...

We enjoyed spending some time on the water.

Grandma's Cottage
Thanks Eric for catching this one.

Don't leave for home without their famous fudge.

From the East Bluff you can catch the Mackinac Bridge and the harbor.

"Excuse me sir..."

The Grand Hotel - can you name the two movies in which it's found?

Carriages and bikes are the main modes of transportation as the island doesn't allow cars.

A view of Main Street

Bikes line the streets...

...look about you. A few snapshots of our trip with the Charles to the Great Lake State! A day at the lake and a visit to Mackinac Island made a wonderfully relaxing vacation.

Did you know there are 11,000 inland lakes and 36,000 streams in Michigan and you are never further than 6 miles from one of them? (

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mohler!!

You may kiss the bride !! (yum ice cream cake...)

Sweat Tea or Lemonade served with your favorite flavored syrup in these Mason Jars gave it a country feel.

Christina's Relatives made the centerpieces...

Wonderful college friends...

Harmony and Chase were curious about all the activity.

Sisters - in - law

Photo shoots are so fun (check out New Day Photography - Mansfield, OH)

Ben & Christina ... Thank you so much for including Jeremy & me in your big day! Everything was so beautiful down to the very last detail. We are so blessed to have your friendship. Here are some moments captured during the day. My first attempt at photography/photo editing since finishing my class!

~ Hilary

(Comments and critiques from you artists out there are more than welcome!)